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PT. Pinang Super Nusantara (PSN) is an agribusiness entity established in 2022 that provides superior quality betel nut products. Currently, PSN has been present to meet the needs of domestic betel nut products and has also been exported to various countries through its business partners.


In its business activities, betel nut processed by PT. Pinang Super Nusantara has been exported internationally to various existing industrial sector lines. Furthermore, now betel nut products from PSN have reached strategic countries which have a concentration of betel nut needs in their sector.


Export destination countries from PT. Pinang Super Nusantara are :

  • India

  • Sri Lanka

  • Maldive

  • Myanmar

  • Nepal

It has been exported more than 600,000 tons around the world

Betel Nut/ Supari/ Areca Nut Products

Betel Nut Split

Using super quality betel nut Quality : 60-65, 70-75, 80-85, 90-95 and 95+.

Betel Nut Round

Using super quality betel nut 70-75, 80-85 and 90-95

Betel Nut Diamond

There are two types, namely diamond 8 and diamond 4 which use super quality betel nut.

Betel Nut Coin

Use super quality betel nuts with a water content of 3%. The water content follows the export standard for the product.

Betel Nut Specification


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